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Transform Your Floors With Concrete Grinding

Old or dull concrete floors can become stunning looking hard wearing surfaces

Yes! – you can have your grey, dirty concrete floors transformed into brilliant, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, hard wearing polished concrete floors.

With top of the line HTC diamond floor grinding systems there is very little mess or noise and the end product is a high quality, hard wearing and attractive floor that is guaranteed to last.

The Polished Concrete Company will remove any existing floor coverings or coatings you may currently have and dispose of them safely. The level floor then can be covered with vinyl flooring, floor tiles or enhanced with a concrete sealer and floor polishing.

By grinding back the concrete substrate, the exposed aggregate in the concrete creates an aesthetically pleasing result with your choice of fine ‘salt and pepper’ to large aggregate. The grinding depth will affect how much of the stones are exposed, and also in turn, the aesthetical appearance of the polished concrete surface.

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Dust free environment for you and our tradesmen while concrete grinding

With The Polished Concrete Company’s HTC 650 HDX grinder’s mist cooler system and dust extractors, there is a very safe and dust free environment for you and the tradesmen working on site. Debris is contained in a continual sock that is only opened once off site to dispose of the dust and debris safely without contaminating the air in your home or workplace.

The Polished Concrete Company also takes other preventative measures like keeping doors shut or hanging plastic to minimise dust contamination. The HTC dust extractor vac system has a HEPA 13 filter so particles are not released into the air. This also ensures a safe working environment for our tradesmen is maintained.

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Specialist buffered concrete grinding machinery ensures it’s quiet while we work

The HTC diamond floor grinders and vacuum produce very little noise or dust and The Polished Concrete Company provides power for the machinery via a diesel powered generator on its own trailer. The noise from the generator is baffled so will not disrupt you or your neighbours. The generator provides enough power to run six domestic houses at full load – we use half of its capacity to run the grinder and vacuum!

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Concrete Grinding Facts

Concrete grinders function on all surfaces
Concrete can be restored and hardened for more durability
Few vibrations (only 0,6 m/s²)
Machines can work close to edges

Can work on small areas as well e.g. hearths, benchtops etc
There are many areas of use e.g. driveways, concrete floors, concrete walls & garage floors
Low noise level (under 90 dB) and virtually no dust
A flat surface can always be achieved

Once your builder has arranged a new float of concrete from a placer allow for 14 to 28 days before the concrete grinding and polishing process. The Polished Concrete Company recommends using a curing blanket (a white foam plastic blanket that retards drying) with new concrete pours to achieve the best quality concrete.

Special customised touches like adding dye, seashells or glass to your concrete can be done in the initial pour or to levelling compounds in a concrete floor coating.


To restore concrete flooring, the substrate is grinded back and a hardening agent is added. This densifier is a clear chemical compound that reacts naturally with unhydrated calcium hydrate to create silica hydrate. This denser floor is now more durable, less porous and more resistant to staining.

The next step is concrete refinishing. A liquid grout is used to fill any imperfections. The grout mixes with dust from grinding and an exact match of colour is maintained. Your new concrete floor will be flawless and as hard as granite. Your restored concrete floor can then be polished to your preference (high, semi gloss) and sealed to your liking.

  • Excellent thank you Rodney, much appreciated! And we really appreciated the additional input and work from Daz, he was amazing and provided an excellent service. Thanks again
    - Kylie
  • Rodney and the team did the concrete floors for my new retail shop in Cambridge. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result of the floors, they have come up beautifully, it looks amazing and we get so many compliments regarding the new concrete finish. Rodney's team went over and above to work over the weekend and late into the night to complete the floors, so that building could start on Monday. The team was very professional to deal with and helpful in all aspects of the job. I would thoroughly recommend The Polished Concrete Company and you are welcome to check out our new concrete floors at our shop in Cambridge.
    - Helen Fraser & Bettie Monroe
  • The Polished Concrete Company did a great job on our new concrete floor - we had black concrete laid and wanted it polished to look like an iron sand beach - the boys worked hard and long hours to complete the project - we where happy with the result and get many positive comments from visitors.
    - Colin and Anna Gratton
  • I just want to thank you and your guys for a sensational job, the 1st coat has gone down on the floor and it looks fantastic. I want to congratulate you on your professionalism and that of your guys. Pete and the young guy worked their butts off turning a substandard floor into something my wife is exceptionally happy with. Polite and friendly, easy to talk too, unlike a lot of young fellas today. The way the house was left each night was awesome, bugger all dust, path and deck washed down, furniture put back inside, blew me away. Rodney you have a business and team to be proud of... Great Job... Should you ever want me to sing your praises I'm only to happy to talk to any of your future clients.
    - Chris and Shannon Churchward

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