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How long will the job take?
The time that the job will take depends on a number of factors; preparation, restrictions, process, and floor size. On average it takes a day to grind and polish a concrete floor 15 to 20m2, and depending on curing time this could be a minimum of two days.
Will there be much mess?

No. The whole process is as dust and noise free as possible.

Many precautions are taken during the process to eliminate any contamination or hindrances you may be concerned about. A Hepa 13 filter ensures no harmful particles are released into the air, and this also ensures a good working environment for our tradesmen is maintained.

Debris is contained and only opened off site to ensure the air in your home or workplace is not contaminated.

How do I maintain the floor?
It’s as simple as soap and water. The floors are very easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Since the floors are now denser and less porous after polishing/sealing, they are extremely stain resistant.
How do the systems compare in value to other options?

With a polished concrete floor you get very high value for money. There is no grout to maintain or replace like with tiles. No stripping and polishing like with vinyl.

Low grade vinyl only gives you a five to seven year lifespan whereas your new polished concrete Superfloor™ is essentially guaranteed for the life of the building.

So, where the price of polished concrete may be comparable to low grade tile, your value for money is much higher in the long run.

Can I customise the floor to my liking?
Yes. There are many options to add personal touches to the levelling compound with existing concrete floors. or talk to your builder about choosing the aggregate to use in your concrete pour. Other options are available for coloured concrete and staining concrete - please contact us to find out more.
We have under floor heating will this matter?
No to expose stone we grind down a maximum of 5mm to expose good stone all elements. Pipes and wires are well below that and you will have lovely warm floor. Anyone with asthma knows the benefit Of radiant heat – forced air ie heat pumps.
Is my concrete suitable to polish?
All modern concrete ie from a truck in our experience is suitable.
What colour will my floor end up?
Light grey colour this may also change as we change the gloss level.
Do we have Stones in our Concrete?
Unfortunately this cannot be determined until the first couple of cuts and we expose the surface.
Our floor is covered with carpet, vinyl etc. Can it be polished?

This is a double edge sword, while another floor covering will protect the substrate there may be some damage where fixings have been removed and the holes etc will need to be filled.

  • Excellent thank you Rodney, much appreciated! And we really appreciated the additional input and work from Daz, he was amazing and provided an excellent service. Thanks again
    - Kylie
  • Rodney and the team did the concrete floors for my new retail shop in Cambridge. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result of the floors, they have come up beautifully, it looks amazing and we get so many compliments regarding the new concrete finish. Rodney's team went over and above to work over the weekend and late into the night to complete the floors, so that building could start on Monday. The team was very professional to deal with and helpful in all aspects of the job. I would thoroughly recommend The Polished Concrete Company and you are welcome to check out our new concrete floors at our shop in Cambridge.
    - Helen Fraser & Bettie Monroe
  • The Polished Concrete Company did a great job on our new concrete floor - we had black concrete laid and wanted it polished to look like an iron sand beach - the boys worked hard and long hours to complete the project - we where happy with the result and get many positive comments from visitors.
    - Colin and Anna Gratton
  • I just want to thank you and your guys for a sensational job, the 1st coat has gone down on the floor and it looks fantastic. I want to congratulate you on your professionalism and that of your guys. Pete and the young guy worked their butts off turning a substandard floor into something my wife is exceptionally happy with. Polite and friendly, easy to talk too, unlike a lot of young fellas today. The way the house was left each night was awesome, bugger all dust, path and deck washed down, furniture put back inside, blew me away. Rodney you have a business and team to be proud of... Great Job... Should you ever want me to sing your praises I'm only to happy to talk to any of your future clients.
    - Chris and Shannon Churchward

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